Stop feeding a beast that doesn’t exist.

Once upon-a-time there was a girl.

She believed in herself.

She believed in everyone around her.

She believed in kindness, compassion, gratitude, magic and love.

She went into the world and came upon an angry, soulless beast.

He looked at her and ripped her beliefs from her soul.

He handed her a sack filled with FEAR;

~ Fear of judgment

~ Fear of punishment

~ Fear of alienation and rejection

~ Fear of pain

~ Fear of heartache

~ Fear of her own creativity

and demanded that she never put it down.

She saw others carrying similar sacks so she complied, she thought it was what she was supposed to do.

So she carried that sack for years. It was heavy and weighed her down.

Deep inside she ached for who she knew she was supposed to be. The memories of who she authentically was kept her soul always hopeful. But, too afraid to BE herself, she continued to carry the sack.

Years went by and she met the beast again. He was weak and haggard and she asked him, “Why did you ask me to carry these things?”

“Because,” he said, “I was afraid of what your beautiful soul might accomplish, I was jealous of the light that radiated from you. I wanted your light for myself. I wanted to shine and wanted you to always be heavy with fear. I wanted to control your light.”

“But you’re not shining, you are not radiating my light?” she replied.

“Yes I know,” said the beast. “You’re light belongs to you, it will only shine for you.”

“Who are you?” she boldly asked?”

“I am no thing. I am no person. I am no place.

I am the manifestation of collective human fear, greed, anger, jealousy and hatred.”

In that moment she realized he had no power over her. It was she that had given her power away to him.

She dropped the sack.

She stared into his eyes and without breaking his gaze, reached into his cold, dark heart and tore out what was hers and put it back where it belonged.

And she felt whole again.

She was not angry, she was not spiteful, she was grateful that she had taken back her power and her light.

She did not slay the beast, she didn’t have to, she kissed him on the forehead, stroked his cheek and left him there to die.

And she lived happily ever after.😊

Don’t give your power over to fear.

Stop feeding a beast that doesn’t exist.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

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