Wisdom is all around us waiting to be invited in and be understood.

It lives in the actions of others and the emotions we feel when we witness acts of kindness and compassion or acts of destruction and hate.

Wisdom arrives in the repetition of events and circumstances that continue to enter our lives until we “get” what the universe is trying to teach us.

Wisdom stands beside us trying to teach us to be humble when our egos are too hard at work.

Sometimes, wisdom just shows up. You feel it in your gut, you hear it tapping on the window of your soul trying to get your attention. Listen.

It often shows up during our greatest life storms or, when we’re completely still.

It’s there in everyone we know and in everything we do. We don’t always see or understand the gift of the lessons it brings, so sometimes it’s cousin Karma has to step in to drive the learning home.

Wisdom does not come from books or a classroom, it comes from our experiences, our relationships and our daily interactions. It’s there waiting for us to invite it in.

The world needs wise souls to put humanity and our planet back together.

Invite wisdom in and share it!

Toni O’K ~🌹❤️

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