Does it matter what the purpose of life is?

This life journey takes us through magnificent highways paved with laughter, chaos, love, joy, heartache, physical pain and elation.

We walk quiet trails of wonder and awe, experiencing incredible highs and soul crushing lows, always seeking purpose.

And still here I sit, as naked and confused as I was the day I was born, trying to figure it out.

The moral of this story is, we will never figure it out, so, surrender to what is.

Does it matter what the purpose of life is?

No it doesn’t. We’re here, period, so create your own purpose, pave your own path and blaze your own interesting trails. Find the lessons where you can, love the ones you’re with and enjoy the dance.

Unpack anything that does not bring you joy and let it go.

We all have an expiry date, so, be kind, be tolerant, be compassionate and be loving to all living things including our planet.

I do not have a clue where my journey will take me next, wherever it is, I’ve decided it’s going to be great. There’ll be forests, oceans, starry skies, chocolate, music, puppies, trails to wander and adventures waiting just for me and hopefully shared with many of you.

Take charge of your journey, then enjoy where it takes you.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

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