The empty spaces inside of us.

We’re all trying to fill the empty spaces inside of us. Maybe we need to stop trying so hard.

Those empty spaces, might be the breathing room we need to allow old attitudes, behaviours and beliefs not meant for us to leave.

We exhaust ourselves chasing happiness, chasing love, chasing a bigger this or a better that, trying to fill a false sense of “lacking” or emptiness in our lives. When maybe everything we already have, is perfectly enough?

If we’re constantly trying to fill up on something better, we’re NOT enjoying what and who is already present.

You don’t always have to be busy, frantically chasing, consuming and filling up on things, people, activities, substances or the doctrines of society, religion or politicians, to fill a sense of lacking in your life.

Every garden needs space so things can flourish. Like a garden, its the empty spaces within us that allows light to shine on new seeds of thought. Use those quiet spaces when you find them, to just BE and see what grows in you.

Give yourself permission to be still, to be quiet, to create space in your life for the things, the thoughts, the ideas and the souls that have been trying to reach you through the clutter, the noise and the chaos that has kept them out.

Not all empty spaces need to be filled. Sometimes the emptiness itself can fill us up.

Toni O’K~ 🌹 ❤️

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