Growing on 60

“Growing” on 60

As I approach the sweet, sage, spectacular age of 60 next month, I feel I’m hitting my spiritual, physical and mental stride and life is good. The journey ahead will be oh so sweet as I call on the lessons and wisdom from the past six decades to guide me.

The older I get the more comfortably I melt into living my authentic life. A life that is calm, brings me joy and settles my soul. A life where I find joy and inspiration in the smallest, oddest and most beautiful of places and people.

I am definitely not the woman I was at 30, 40 or 50. I’ve grown into someone better.

I’m grateful that I’ve landed at this place and no longer feel that I have to be more of anything or less of anything, all I have to do is show up to life and be me.

To the woman, especially the young woman, in my life, growing well is a gift you give yourself. A gift you should look forward to. Being female is not about duck lips, thick eye brows and push up bras. Being a strong woman is about being confident, truthful, having integrity, lifting other women up not tearing them down, maintaining a youthful heart and a healthy mind, body and spirit. It’s also about letting go of pain, people, beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve you.

We can all “grow well”, despite our pain, our losses, our life circumstances and our age. The key is literally “all in your head.” Our attitudes about our physical and mental state dictate what our lives look like now and in the future. It doesn’t matter what yesterday looked liked, tomorrow can be different.

Me, I will continue to grow well. I will wander, I will ponder and I will dance under the stars (or in my kitchen) either alone or with those that dance to the same beat. I will keep furry friends by my side as they are the best therapy. If and when I feel lost, I will wander away from the flock towards the quiet of the rain forest or meander along the ocean shore lines that kiss the edge of our wild, windy, wet, west coast. Nature is my temple.

Some of you will continue to travel this journey with me, and I look forward to whatever mischief we get into along the way. To others, I will say thank you and goodbye, you’ve been a beautiful teacher.

Here’s hoping we all grow well.

60, I embrace you, let’s do it, let’s do all of it!

Crap I think I just put my back out typing that last exclamation mark 😁.

Grow well my friends, GROW well.

Love Toni

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