Remember who you really are.

By Toni O’Keeffe

March 5, 2020

Sometimes, you have to stop being an adult and step outside the swirl of your own grown-up head and let the child in you take over for a while.

Your soul deserves a break from the pressure, chaos, fear and busyness that surrounds you and the world. You deserve to laugh, to be silly, be a goof, to play and just chill.

I hope you create some time and space this weekend to colour, to dance, play the ukulele, build a campfire, jump on a skateboard, jump on a bike, eat three cans of beans just to see what happens, lick peanut butter off the knife, play dress up😉, make slime or surrender your inhibitions and howl at the moon.

You inner child is calling, go spend some time with that perfect, awesome, little soul and remember who you really are.

Toni O’K❤️🌹

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