What have you painted yourself into?

By Toni O’Keeffe

March 10, 2020

Our souls do not arrive on earth with titles, tags or associations. We do not arrive as Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jewish or atheist.

These “words” are most often painted on us the moment we’re born.

We do not arrive with ideals about liberalism, conservatism or socialism, we adopt these ideals from the elders around us.

Our souls have no race, no colour, no gender, no social status or financial portfolio, we show up as pure love and all we know is love and trust, that’s it.

Then based on the family and community we’re born into, additional layers of judgement and belief are painted on us.

We passively accept these belief systems and obey the “agreed to norms” despite what our soul feels is right.

These judgements and beliefs create the illusion that we are separate from some and united with others. These judgements are the root of most of the world’s conflict.

The truth is, we’re not separate, we are apart of the same family and race. The human race.

You can wash away those “ words” and layers of judgement that have been painted on you at any time.

When little people come into our lives and ask “what are we or what am I” (often referring to religion and race) tell them they are kindness, compassion and LOVE. Let them know they are a part of one big human family. Then tell them about their religious and ethnic origins within that great big beautiful family. Over time let them decide how they “paint” themselves.

At our very core, the thing we all come into the world as and with is LOVE. Be that, that’s who you really are. Paint love across your life and see what follows.

Love Toni ~🌹❤️

PS; Now before the grammar police swoop in, LOVE is both a noun and a verb in my whimsey little world~ ‘cause that’s how I roll.

Toni O’K ~ 🌹❤️

One thought on “What have you painted yourself into?

  1. Well said. Even with the words we identify ourselves with, it is easy, as you point out to alienate others without knowing it. Ironically, those “words” and “associations” are who we are and at the core there “is” love, but we forget and the walls keep getting built.

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