Today feels like a good day to start healing from whatevers hurting or haunting you.

It doesn’t matter how you got here.
It matters how you muster the courage to move beyond it.

Healing can start by forgiving who or what hurt you, including forgiving yourself for the role you played or decisions you made that led to your emotional or physical pain.

Forgiveness does not mean you condone or forget what happened. Forgiveness is the act of reclaiming control over your mental and physical well being so you can live your best life.

When we forgive, we put the weight of our pain down and remove the power it has over us. Forgiveness allows peace to fill in the spaces where sorrow, guilt, regret, anger, grief or other pain once lived and, we begin to heal. You may not be able to get over your pain, but you can get through it.

Forgive the ones who hurt you, left you in a state of fear, or left you feeling less than you are. Forgive the disease, discomfort or physical pain hurting your body and ask it to move on. It doesn’t matter why or how this pain found you, it matters that you move on in spite of it.

Even if you have to live with your pain, as many of us do, you can still ease the hurt and take away the power it has over your life.

It’s on the path through our pain where some of our greatest learning and growth takes place.

You deserve, happiness, peace of mind, love and freedom from everything thats ever hurt you.

If you need help getting started; write down the things you want to heal from and who you need to forgive. Then, find your place of peace. This place might be a forest, the ocean, a wide open field, a mountain top, a lakeside, a garden, your backyard or a room with a view.
In this safe space set your words free in whatever way feels right for you. Burn, bury, scream, shred or flush, the choice is yours,

When you leave, this place, leave what and who hurt you behind. If you feel your pain creeping back in. Go back to this place and reclaim your peace of mind.

Whether your pain is anchored in grief, regret, remorse, abuse, addiction, heartbreak, an accident, disease or other physical or emotional suffering; today’s a good day to start healing.

Your pain can leave you paralyzed or, it can be the wind that allows to you set sail.

Toni O’KEEFFE ~🌹❤️

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