You can move mountains

When I was a child and became overwhelmed with any large task or homework assignment, my father would say “pull one weed at a time.” He was referring to his approach to weeding the garden.
If he looked at all the weeding to be done as one large task, it would’ve been overwhelming and never gotten done, so he approached it one weed at a time.

Fast forward to today, I was out walking and came across two young men standing in front of an enormous mountain of rocks.
I stopped to chat as they Ooh’d and awed over my little dog and I asked them what they were doing.
They were building a stone wall.
The rock for the wall had been delivered, but had been dumped in the wrong spot, now they had to move it.
One of the young men jokingly asked me if I knew how to move a mountain?
“Yup” I said, “one weed at a time.”
They were both confused, so I explained the analogy and they got it.

Whatever lies before you, take it one minute, one hour, one step, one day, one page, one breath or one weed at a time.
In fact, you can move mountains,
when you move them, one stone at a time.

Toni O’KEEFFE ~🌹❤️

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