Sometimes, wisdom just shows up.

Sometimes, wisdom just shows up.

I don’t know how.

I don’t know why.

But I “know” that it’s arrived and it’s meant just for me.

It shows up for all of us.

You feel it in your gut, you hear it on the wind, and in rain drops as they tap against the window of your soul trying to get your attention.

It whispers to you in your dreams, appears in clouds as you gaze across the sky.

Sometimes this knowing arrives in the eyes of a complete stranger. It can feel as if this wisdom rode in on a lighten bolt to land at your front door. When actually, this deep sense of knowing surfaced from deep inside of you.

It often shows up during our greatest life storms or, when we’re completely still.

It’s an understanding, a deep sense of truth, an ah-ha moment when you just “know”.

This knowing is the sound of some”thing” calling you.

Listen to it.

Its a Soul thing.

Toni O’K ~🌹❤️

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