Life, a delicate high-wire dance.

Life is a delicate high-wire dance between chances not taken and bold quests to risk it all.

We move between treading lightly through life and jumping ”all in” at warp speed.

Then, something happens, a loss, an illness, a disaster and everything, absolutely everything changes. We are shaken to our core. Everyone means so much more than they did before that “something” rattled us.

We assess our purpose, our value and wonder why any of this matters at all.

But it does matter and it shouldn’t take “something” to remind us to live fully every day.

Our time on this earthly journey is limited. Those that leave before us are a reminder that we are not permanent fixtures in any of this. It’s that impermanence that makes life a gift.

So don’t tippy-toe through life, afraid to fall, be bruised or hurt. You’re here to feel and to BE human. So, feel it all and BE the things you’ve dreamt of BEing Take each step believing that there is a net to catch you when you fall.

None of us are getting out of “this” alive.

Don’t die with your love, your words, your music, your art or your passion locked inside you. Leave it all out there, where it can be seen, be heard, be touched and be loved.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

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