The Path

~ On day everything appeared to be different, brighter, better.

The gentle whisper of her own voice greeted her with love, replacing the harsh voice of criticism that had been by her side for so long.

Her heart softened.

Her soul wept tears of peaceful release.

Finally, she knew who she was and what she was here to do.

And so, in that moment, she began to live that life.

The life that was intended for her. The life she had been waiting for, but had been too afraid to live.

The noise of other’s would no longer guide her.

She would be guided by her deepest wisdom and an inner peace that had been calling her for years.

Finally, she realized that the path she had been on, was the path that led back to herself.

She smiled, let down all her walls and let her light shine.

~ this is the happy ending I wish for every soul that is hurting, confused or lost.

We are all on a path back to ourselves.

It’s along this path that you will find the light you seek🌟.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

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