The secret to happiness

The secret to happiness is to;
“Stop looking for the secret to happiness.”

You know what makes you happy. Do that.

Do things and be with the people who bring you to life, lift you up, make you feel “happy”, make you laugh, make your heart dance, your soul sing and make you a better, more grateful, human being. Or, if you enjoy and are happy, doing things alone, do more of that.

Stay away from things and people who bring you down, make your heart ache, your soul heavy, your mind crazy and your body unwell.

If nurturing a positive attitude serves you better than harbouring a negative attitude, then stay positive and, stay away from those who are toxic and have a negative perspective on life.

Even if you’re in a situation, such as an unhappy relationship or an unhappy work environment, you still have options, one being, you can make plans to move on.

Happiness isn’t something we look for.
“Happy,” is something we choose to become. It’s an attitude about ourselves and life, which will look different for each of us.

Beautiful soul, go get your happy on, because you my dear, deserve to be oh-so-beautifully-happy.

Toni O’KEEFFE 🌹❤️

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