Close your eyes.

Take in three slow, deep breaths.

As you breath in, inhale the belief that you are worthy of love, happiness, healing and all good things.

Accept that your hopes and dreams will come true.

Allow the essence of this belief to seep into every fibre, every thought and every corner of your mind, body and soul.

As you release your breath, exhale all doubt, regret, shame or judgement that has found its way into your psyche.

Let go of the words, opinions and lack of confidence others might have planted in you.

You are a beautiful masterpiece under construction. You have barely begun to tap into your potential.

Every once and awhile, PAUSE and remember what an absolute miracle you are.

Now, go out and have exactly the kind of day, week, month, year, life you want to live.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

You will rise

Not everything or everyone, that comes into our lives is meant to stay.

Some things, some people, come to challenge us, others to inspire us and some to teach us.

When they leave, let them go.

Trust that this experience was only meant

to last a little while.

Something better is on the way.

Whatever or whoever it was,

was not meant for you.

This was only a lesson,

and you survived.

Your heart will heal

and you will rise.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

Sometimes a walk in the rain can fix everything.

There are days when I step away from things, all things.

I pull out my boots, umbrella, bundle up and venture into the rain.

Each droplet cleansing the air and washing the heaviness in my soul away.

My breathing slows, the stabbing ache of anxiety, stress, grief, betrayal, anger or whatever I’m feeling, feels less.

The noise of the world and the noise in my head is held at bay against a backdrop of a billion tiny, healing raindrops, tapping in unison on everything around me.

I synchronize my breath and the pace of my steps to their collective medicinal rhythm.

Then, I feel it, the parts of me that are hurting, begin to untangle, relax and fall from me into puddles of sorrow, regret and relief. I can now leave these things behind,

Whatever it was, no longer feels so bad.

My heart begins to heal.

Sometimes a walk in the rain can fix everything.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

Sometimes you just have to float

We’re told to go out and chase our dreams.

We’re also told NOT to chase who or what we desire but to trust that the universe will provide.

So, which is it? Do you wait for your ship to come in? or, do you swim out to it?

I think the answer is, both.

Most of the time we have to trust our instinct and chase the things we desire or the goals we want to attain.

Then, there are times in life when we feel lost, weak, have a cluttered mind or a spirit that is not at peace. Its at these times that we have to surrender and trust that the universe will take over and guide us.

We are the pilots of our journey, but sometimes we need to flip the auto pilot switch and trust that we’re going to land where we’re supposed to.

We don’t wake up and think “gee, I have to pump my heart, or move the blood through my veins or breath air into my lungs,” we trust these things are going to happens – and, they do.

So, swim out to your ship. If you lose your way in the swell or the elements become too much to bear, lay back, float and trust that the current will carry you to where you’re meant to go.

Toni O’K~🌹❤️




The thing you’re searching for?

Stop searching for it and BE it.

Give away the thing you seek.

If your searching for happiness, BE happy.

If your searching for love, BE loving.

If you seek abundance, be generous.

If you need comfort, be a comfort to someone who’s hurting,

If you seek kindness and compassion, be kind and compassionate.

If its meant for you, it’s in you to give.

The most unexpected treasures reveal themselves not when we’re looking, but when we’re BE’ing.

BE what you need

Toni O’K~🌹❤️

Today, the page is clean

Yesterday’s page may have been a disaster,

but today the page is blank,

It’s clean, its filled with possibilities.

You have the experience from all of your yesterdays to draw on.

Every single day we have the opportunity to;

be better,

to be more,

to be less,

to be whatever we want to be.

As some things end,

new things will begin.

Perhaps it’s time to write the end of this chapter,

turn the page and start a new one.

You’re holding the pen.

Go write yourself a beautiful life❤️

Toni O’K ~🌹❤️

Life Warriors

There are those that blazes lonely trails through grief, heartache and physical pain so they can be there to comfort and understand us when it’s our time to walk the same path.

Be grateful for these compassionate life warriors when they show up for you.

They’ve been where you are.

They healed

So will you.

Toni O’K~ 🌹❤️

The sudden loss

“The sudden loss

of someone you love,

leaves a longing

that stabs your heart

and shatters your soul,

leaving an emptiness

where the presence of

their love once lived.

It is this great loss

and a need to fill

the emptiness, that

becomes the loudest

and most profound

calling to live.”



YOUR Super Power,

When an obstacle blocks your path,

you can CHOOSE to view it as a disaster, an inconvenience, Or, an opportunity to pause, catch your breathe, clear your mind, reflect and grow.

Then, when you’re ready, choose a new path AND move on.

Every loss, every ending, every failure, every spiral to the bottom and all things that cause us pain, provide the opportunity to change perspective.

Once you chart your new path, leave behind whatever, whoever was blocking you or causing you pain.

Take a gratitude moment and give thanks that you survived “it” and are wiser because of it.

What’s blocking you? Is it really a disaster? or is it creating an opportunity to move on healthier, happier, lighter, wiser and with a new perspective.

Toni O’K~ 🌹❤️